20 Essential Business Apps for Smart Phones

My favourite Business Apps:Image

  1. Google Apps: View and respond to your e-mails, update your calendar, and edit your documents, use Google search and maps, etc.
  2. WiFi Finder: Great if you’re a frequent business traveller. If you are on your travels and don’t know where to find available WiFi connections, WiFi finder ensures you can find any connection anywhere in the world regardless if you’re online or not.
  3. LinkedIn: Most business owners are on LinkedIn so it makes sense to have it on your phone/tablet too.  If you’re not on LinkedIn yet then I strongly suggest you do, LinkedIn is great for business opportunities, asking for advice, inform people in your network about your projects, source new talent, and much more.
  4. Hootsuite:  A Twitter dashboard that does so much more.  My number one favourite Twitter tool that is essential to me on a daily basis.
  5. BBC News: Keep up to date with latest business news and industry trends when on the go. BBC News provides quality coverage of the worldwide news, including updates, in-depth analysis, and video coverage.
  6. Dropbox: Good if you have important files and documents that you need to be readily accessible.
  7. Evernote: Enables you to take notes in various ways including voice memos.
  8. Contractor, Freelancer, Small Business Tax Calculator: Great for keeping up with your contracts, taxes, etc.
  9. Skype: I love Skype and am always on it!  If you need to talk to your clients, colleagues, prospects and they’re in another country then this video-calling app is invaluable. I use it in the UK too, it saves my mobile bill:).
  10. XE Currency: Convert any world currency, live currency rates, charts, and more.
  11. Easy Task Manager: Enables you to organise and manage your tasks more effectively.
  12. Sure Pay role: Calculate wages, benefits, deductions, etc.
  13. Campfire:  Offers a range of tools for collaboration and productivity.  Useful app for group chat calls.
  14. Meebo: Valuable for companies that conduct a lot of business over IM.
  15. Remember the milk: Useful for helping you remember all important details of the day. Set and receive reminders via email, SMS and IM.  One of my personal favourites for task management.
  16. Ning: Lets you build your own networking and social space.
  17. Zoho: offers you a complete customer relationship life-cycle management software for managing Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, and Inventory activities.
  18. Facebook app: Access all your favourite facebook features on the go. The first app I installed!
  19. Foursquare: A brilliant location based app. Demand for these types of apps are growing rapidly.
  20. Insight (formerly Encamp): Insight is an app for managing Basecamps project management tool on the go.  It’s not a free app but if you’re using Basecamp it will be well worth the fee.



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