Galaxy S4 Launch & Use of Social Media

Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch -Insights

Samsung’s marketing for S4 paid off well, as Tweeters Tweeted mainly using
Samsung created #tags

• 42% of the overall #tags used are from Samsung campaigns Ex: #unpacked,
#thenextgalaxylaunch, #thenextgalaxy etc.
• Tweeters mainly followed Mashable (4.2% of the overall links shared are from
Mashable), engadget(3.5%), detik(3%) and cnet(2.9%) for news and reviews of
Galaxy S4
• Android OS, Eye Gestures, Powerful Battery, Dual Camera and Super HD
Amoled Screen are the main features that have been talked the most
• S4 has been mainly compared with smartphones of Apple iPhone 5, HTC One,
Sony Xperia, Blackberry Z10 and Nokia Lumia
• 75% of the Tweeters have < 500 followers and majority of them are Individuals

318,430 Tweeters contributed to 609,248 Tweets
• 48% of the overall Tweeters have created their profile in the last 24 months, 3%
of the overall Tweeters created their profile in March 2013 alone
• Tweeters are mainly from Brazil, Indonesia, Venezuela, Singapore, Thailand,
Spain, Malaysia, France and India
• Tweeters outside USA and UK generated significant buzz for Galaxy S4 launch,
inspite of the event happening in New York
• 16% of Tweets are generated from an Android device, followed by iPhone (9%)
and Blackberry (5%)
• 23% of the overall Tweets are generated from Twitter web application

Can you imagine how two character “#” and “@” can pay back all your marketing efforts ???


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