Do you think online PR is not important?

A successfully executed online public relations strategy offers endless benefits to a business. By listening and researching online conversations and key influencers, creating compelling content and interacting with others online within online communities, a company can effectively use Digital PR to enhance the business and achieve growth. Some of the benefits of Digital PR include the following:

  • Increased traffic to a website, thus increased web conversion rates
  • Contribution to search engine optimisation by generating links back to a website as well as enhancing website authority
  • Enhanced brand awareness
  • Position a company as an authoritative voice in their industry
  • Provide an avenue for improved customer relations by allowing a company to directly engage with Individuals interested in their brand or product
  • Provide a platform to communicate information and/or company insights to target audience

Is Online PR appropriate for my business? 
Before deciding that Digital PR is the best tactic to use, some considerations need to be taken:

  • It is important to choose the best mix of tactics that will support the overall execution
  • As Online PR is very strongly connected to Social Networking sites, it is safe to say that in many cases, Online PR can work well for a lot of businesses and campaigns as many companies, big and small have an online and social media presence via Facebook and Twitter
  • Online PR efforts that can be made include incorporating an optimised company blog (this will encourage coverage of company news and can either be a marketing blog or advertising blog), ensuring effective SEO measures are taken wherever possible and incorporating the use of an online media tool kit in order to get maximum possible exposure and feedback.

Along with some traditional forms of marketing as well as SEO, Digital PR can be a very powerful Online Marketing tool for companies as part of both a social marketing strategy and an overall digital marketing strategy. 

To incorporate Online PR the following should be undertaken:

  • Set up a blog – Like WordPress to discuss the stories about your products/services
  • Sign up for RSS feeds and engage in social networking by “liking” pages or joining “groups”
  • A Facebook presence is crucial. There are over 400,000 Irish people on Facebook and this number is only set to advance further, therefore it is crucial to reach out to this active market
  • A presence on Twitter. Get your company and your staff on Twitter and start Tweeting
  • Create and attend events tailored to the online community that are a part of your target audience

Digital PR offers an effective low-cost online marketing tool that will help to build up any company’s profile, aid in creating sales inquiries and leads as well as generating positive publicity, increased brand exposure and maintaining a positive online reputation.


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