Facebook yet again with impressive changes in the newsfeed styles

The key note to take away from the announcement of Facebook’s News Feed changes can be summarized by what CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to say: 50% of the content now seen on the News Feed is photos and visual content. In his own words, “We want to give everyone in the world the best personalized newspaper in the world.”

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that the News Feed will be getting a makeover that will make the user experience more rich and with more engaging stories, allow people to have a choice of different feeds, and is also consistent with the experience on mobile devices.

A Visually Rich Experience:

The way Facebook will display pictures in the new News Feed will involve pictures appearing much larger and the focus being on each user or page, individually. Additionally, brand pages will start showing up differently with elements of the Timeline now being brought to the News Feed. Your cover photo will now show up in addition to your profile photo. This makes your cover photo more important in terms of telling your brand’s story. What’s more, you will also see the faces of the persons who already like your page. This only helps potential fans see which friends from their network already like the particular page.


Choice of News Feeds

The second set of announcements by Facebook allows fans to toggle between different feeds of information that are sorted by topic. Noting the fact that 30% of content that appears on a user’s News Feed is from Pages, Mark Zukerberg also hinted that the ability to divide up information could range between your main news feed, all friends, close friends, music, photos and following.


Mobile Consistency and Experience

User experience on Facebook across the different platforms such as mobile, table and web will all be more consistent and unified. Tools such as the left hand navigation will be accessible across all platforms and will allow you to move to the top of the News Feed at any point of time.

So with all of this at hand, how can you ensure your content strategy is keeping up with all the changes to the Facebook platform. Here are 8 strategies as laid out by Hubspot:
1. Publish more visual content
2. Plan Photo-Focused Ads
3. Keep your copy short
4. Focus more on your evangelists
5. Create more compelling content
6. Integrate your Facebook and Instagram/Pinterest Strategy
7. Influence others to check-in to your business
8. Continue increasing the likes on your page.

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